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Full Pie or Slice

Full pie

First and foremost, we are your partner in solving challenges and achieving success. Let us combine our research skills with our network of experts in media and social media; government, policy and regulation; and public relations to implement a seamlessly executed solution.

research policy, Procurement and standards

Larger organizations have special needs for research advice over and above the research itself. Having served banks, pharmas, government, manufacturing and other large organizations our team is uniquely positioned to:

  • design organization-wide research policies to standardize question wording, segmentation and reporting across divisions and among multiple suppliers with the goal being to minimize the amount of research needed to provide the maximum benefit for your team;
  • inform, or run, the bidding process for research to find the right partner, achieve cost-effectiveness and ensure contracts that have clearly understood deliverables.

Complete research design and execution

From needs identification, to questionnaire design, data collection, analysis and reporting. Our telephone surveys are conducted using only Canadian or U.S. call centers and our online surveys feature state-of-the-art features like heat-mapping and video responses. All data collection is stored on Canadian servers that meet and exceed Federal Government standards for security.

Slice of the pie

Perhaps you have your own lists and call center or online survey tool, you usually conduct your own surveys but haven't quite be getting results that are meaningful, or perhaps you're mid-project with another firm and dis-satisfied. Let us step in and help with:

  • questionnaire and survey design;
  • moderators' guides and/or training;
  • focus group facilitation;
  • key informant interviews;
  • reporting and analysis;
  • re-analaysis,
  • list building, or;
  • strategy